2017 Recap

2017 Recap

2017 was a very complicated year.  There we're so many things to write this off as a “bad” year like everyone wrote off 2016 as a “bad” year but I feel really positive and ready to take 2018 on head first. I do feel like there is still a charge in the air and everyone is ready to make some serious change.  For me, it was extremely tumultuous culturally, politically and emotionally.  Definitely some bad but there were also so many good moments in my life this year.  Had some adventures and success which of course were balanced out with some of the busiest months of my life and failures.  I made some new friends and reconnected with some old ones. It's been a year of some serious self exploration and some actual discovery.  

Making space for things that are important to me has become a priority. Working on personal projects has been a really big one for me in 2017. Personal projects have been the biggest way I've grown professionally, creatively and how I've been learning about what I actually want to be spending my time and energy doing. I definitely want to make a post about my 365 project soon to unpack the whole process, what I've learned and what's next!

HOWEVER, I burned out in October/November and it took me a really long time to recover.  That led me to something that is obvious but was really hard for me to do: take time off.  I needed to make space for down time. And that means really relaxing instead of my bullshit "relaxing" of working in front for the TV.  I took an actual vacation where I LEFT MY LAPTOP AT HOME and I definitely plan to do that more often.  I have such amazing family, friends and an amazing boyfriend.  I am a hardcore introvert and a lot of the time I use work as a crutch to stay home and not be an actual social being.  It's not fair to them or myself to be a slave to my inbox. Definitely still a work in progress but I'm working on it!

This year I actually made an effort to make healthy decisions.  It's really easy for me to say that health is important to me but not giving that any concrete definition or time in my day.   I actually scheduled at least 30 mins a day for myself of doing something active.  It could be a full body, sweaty, heart pumping work out that goes into an hour, or just light yoga for 30 minutes to stretch out. I'm not to the point where I'm too critical but as long as I show up for that 30 minutes, it's a success.  

The last thing I've made space for is the word "No." I'm the kind of person who bends over backwards to avoid saying no to anyone.  It could be something that I know I'll hate and I'll still say yes to avoid disappointing someone or in fear of missing an opportunity. But I've definitely learned to be more selective of distributing those yeses, and therefore my time, because they multiply.  I kind of go through a checklist before I say yes... Do I want to do more of this in the future?  Do I want to work with these people in the future?  Will this help or take time away from projects that will help me grow my portfolio, skills, and opportunities to the projects I want in the future? I've learned (and currently privileged) to be intentionally in my yeses instead of just looking for what will pay next months bills.

It's been an adventure and I'm really looking forward to 2018. Going to spend some time goal setting and organizing.  I hope you guys are as pumped about what's coming next as I am!

And in a nutshell: I worked a lot, I drank a lot of coffee, travelled just a little bit, watched a lot of movies, went to museums, saw a few shows, spent a lot of time in bookstores, laughed a lot, jumped in a pool of sprinkles, did some yoga, cuddled my dog, ate a lot of Mickey shaped things and drew A LOT of letters.

And just for my own enjoyment, here are some of my favorite moments:


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