Rock the Together tote or hang the print & support the IRC

If you've been hanging out with me for a while, then you know that a while back I created this design as a call for unity in a time of intense division.  The design was first put up on Cotton Bureau  as a short run of silk screened t-shirts.  (You can actually still request for it to go back to print! If 12 people request it, it'll go back to print!) 

I know some people didn't want a shirt and wanted it in some other form, so here it is in tote and print form!  A portion of the proceeds will go to the IRC  same as the original shirts.  If you don't want the shirt, print or tote, then I would at least hope you go over to and learn about the awesome work they do.  If you can, donate directly to them and share it with you friends.  It's totally tax deductible and its just a small way to help those in conflict and disaster to survive, heal and reclaim their lives.  

I like to think if you have the tote, print or tshirt, it serves as a point of personal empowerment, a way for you to outwardly claim your support for unity and a jumping off point for a conversation about the IRC.

I hope you support the IRC by either purchasing a tote, print or shirt or by donating to them directly.


<3 April

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