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I've been feeling a little burnt out lately, so I was really ready for this long weekend.  I totally gave into the hype and scored tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream, so my boyfriend and I decided to make a weekend of it. 

I've lived in San Diego now for about 5 years now from Philly and Los Angeles is a hop and skip away but I've only spent minimal amount of time up there.  


crashboom ace hotel deskcrashboom ace hotel elevator


We booked a room at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA, which is a designer's dream.  The details from the stationery on the desk to the giant numbers on the elevators doors to the branding of the hotel were all visual treats. 



It was probably one of the hottest weekends in LA but we trekked on and wandered around DTLA.  We grabbed some yummy food and treats at Grand Central Market.  After that we wandered around the Last Bookstore, but honestly the heat got to us and they didn't have AC, so we went searching for cooler temps.


crashboom museum of ice cream


The Museum of Ice Cream was definitely a fun time.  Every single room was Instagram ready and they were totally generous with the treats. (I see you mint chocolate mochi)  I went a little later in the day and it wasn't terribly packed, so we had a little more time to play around in each room and take some cool photos.  

The art and the installations were pretty cool.  I definitely felt like the whole purpose was to take cute pics to share on social media.  I think the term "museum" was a little lofty.  But I'm not complaining.  If you go in knowing that, its definitely a good time with some really awesome ice cream.  The sprinkle pool did not disappoint but be ready since you only get two minutes in it! 


crashboom museum of ice cream banana swingcrashboom museum of ice cream

crashboom sprinkle pool heart pool float


The next day we headed over to the Broad, which I've been wanting to visit since opening.  I didn't reserve tickets ahead of time, but they have a standby line, which can get pretty long on the weekends. Doors open at 10AM and we got there around 9:30, thinking it would be early enough, but boy were we wrong.  Since it was a holiday weekend, the line was already wrapped around the corner. It was already scorching hot, but we toughed it out and waited about an hour to get in. If you're trying to get into the Museum through the standby line, they have a dedicated twitter that will update you on wait times.  


crashboom broad exterior


At least the exterior was really beautiful as we cooked in the heat.


crashboom broad jenny holzer


But honestly, an hour wasn't so bad considering how amazing the museum is.  The collection inside was really impressive. 

I loved seeing some of the more popular artists like Warhol, Koons, Haring, Basquiat and Cindy Sherman. It was really cool seeing them up close.  Some of my favorites were from Malcolm Morley, Ellsworth Kelly, Takashi Murakami, and especially Julie Mehretu. 


crashboom jeff koons balloon dogcrashboom broad infinity mirrored room kusama

And we HAD to see the Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room, which was amazing! Totally worth it!


crashboom broad america 2 glenn ligoncrashboom broad ellsworth kelly

Overall, a great weekend.  If it wasn't for the horrendous traffic around LA, I'd be up there more often.

Is there a dreamy spot in LA that is your must-see?  Or is there a place in LA where you've always wanted to visit? 

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